Our Courses Which Do We Offer

Hifz Course

Quran memorization course to help you memorize the holy Quran by heart.

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Tajweed Course

Tajweed Quran course to improve reading and recitation of the holy Quran.

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Arabic Course

Quranic arabic course that caters to individuals of all ages and levels.

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Our Purpose We live For!

Our online Quran academy aims to assist all our fellow Muslims in securing the blessings of Allah Almighty by equipping them with the necessary guidance and abilities to study and comprehend the message of Almighty Allah on their own. Empowered by the divine principles of the Holy Quran, we aim to spread the proper knowledge of the rules of comprehension and recitation of the Holy Quran to Muslims in all parts of the world. We aim to provide everyone with an unobstructed path to learning about their Deen.

Our Aim

Our aim is to provide Quran and Basic Islamic knowledge to those who are unable to go out to learn it, and to provide a place and environment to those who do not have an Islamic School or Mosque near them, especially parents who want their children to be taught Islamic education at home under their supervision as well as adults who were unable to attain basic Islamic education in their life until now, and now want to learn it (as there is no limit for Islamic knowledge education), and also all those who want to learn more about Islam and have not found a good and satisfying place for learning Quran yet, can try

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